Possible value?

Hello again, I sure do love this site, lol, with that being said can anyone give me a ballpark figure on value of this cuff. It is made by Ben Yellowhorse and weighs 184 grams.


That is a heavy bracelet, and huge. The piece of turquoise looks to be Chinese. I would think this bracelet in our shop would be $600 - $700. Hope that helps.


I would set it at 795$. My forum is bit different. Would include Make an Offer. What I would take, as u r well aware depends on what I paid. I would keep it at 600$, for as long as I could post it if that was the case. I r s sharp, clean, & modern. Should sell fine. Yes, I agree with Jason on the Turquise, due to matrix and works I own/owned with similar stone work. Cheers

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