Ramone Platero? 2 sided earrings, turquoise and coral

A new treasure!! Found almost identical bracelet and pendant on ebay, stamped R Platero. Same 2 sided mechanism, balls and leaves as my earrings.

Earrings have no marking at all, and appear to have been converted from screw backs to hooks at some time.

If these are R Platero, what do you think they’re worth?

Any opinions on the turquoise mine? It appears to be very hard and glossy, with coarse black matrix with tiny dots of pyrite.


Pics in sunlight:



I would think these are Ramone’s earrings, it is definitely his style. I have never seen another stamp for him and these earrings just don’t offer any surface space for him to make that stamp. I would call this turquoise Tyrone and $375 - $450.


Thanks Jason!! It was a good buy, and I’m proud to have them in my collection!

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