Red Mountain (?) Pendant and beads

Just received this and I have several questions that I would really like some help with. The pendant is approximately 3”x2” and is on a 24” strand of beads. The entire thing weighs 84 grams. The larger turquoise is 1 1/2” by 7/8” and the other is 1 1/8” by 5/8”. I think it’s Red Mountain and that there are some thin sections with a lot of backing in some areas. I contacted the seller at the beginning of the auction and asked is there were any cracks or damage. They replied no. Near the end of the auction they added another picture that showed the cracks between the turquoise and the fact that the backing was higher that the bezel. They contacted me after I had made my bid and told me about the picture. So now I need to decide whether it’s value outweighs the defects or if I should return it.

  1. is it really Red Mountain? 2)@Jason, I remember you mentioning that you had a hard time getting more that thin sections. So is this much backing acceptable? 3) are the beads handmade? They aren’t as neatly done as some of my others but they seem handmade to me. 4) Finally, what is a realistic price to pay for a piece like this?
    Thanks for your help! Today after looking at this pendant with refreshed eyes, it looks rather like Bisbee. I have been spending way too many hours outside in the heat and humidity and can’t decide. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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  1. Bisbee
  2. Stones are great, we will accept these anyway we can get them :wink:
    4)That stone on the right is like $20 carat material,
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You have just made my day twice! Now I’m going to go research how to figure carat weight on turquoise. What price range are we in on the other stone?
Also, on a different note, the cuff that I incorrectly attributed to the wrong person has some turquoise that I think is good stuff. I’m going to attach an outside picture. Will you please look at it and give me your opinion? Someone told me they thought it was “Bisbee Blue”. Thanks again.

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Congratulations on your find. You have a good eye.

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