Remade and never regretted

So I had some time this am, and was looking back through older topics. Read a thread on whether to remake a ring that was too big into something else. I normally wouldn’t change something, but I had bought a Hopi buckle that I seldom wore, because it was too small for most of my belts (but loved it so much bought it anyway). It sat unworn for years, until I finally took the plunge, and had a store in Albuquerque remake it into a pendant. I let the lady there do whatever she thought was best, but I figured it would just have a little hoop on the back to maybe fit my thin heishi strands through. But it came back like this,

and it’s perfect to fit all kinds of necklaces through.

I bought the necklace a long time ago at Cameron Trading Post in their small pawn section towards the back. These work perfect together! It’s a change I’m glad I made.


This looks really great as a pendant, and it’s a good size for it too.


I have no problem remaking regular jewelry into something else if I don’t wear it since it was not uncommon when we worked in a jewelry store. I’ve redone a couple of NA clip on earrings into pierced, but nothing too structurally different so far.

I have pieces that sit unworn, and I like this idea. I have 2 baby belt buckles that I bought the kids when they were toddlers, so that’s a great idea for our daughter - our son wears his little buckle with a regular belt for a bit of western.

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I bought this 20 years ago - but never wore them because the cord was so frayed, some of the beads near the knot end were broken - I feared breathing on it would cause it to fall apart. It took years, but finally decided that it made no sense keeping something so beautiful in a box, so I strung them into a necklace and wear it many times a week. The turquoise & spiny oyster ‘corn’ are all original and in original order - it can be easily restored. No regrets.


@Khmetalwork Beautiful solution. Of course Native people also have done the same for eons, specifically with jaclas, so it’s actually a traditional repurposing notion.

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Ah! I didn’t know that. Thank you! Even tho ‘no regrets ‘ I always felt a bit guilty about it.

Beautiful jaclas! I agree with @chicfarmer that this is a common and traditional way to repurpose jaclas, so no concerns there about authenticity or artists’ intent. I have a similar necklace of repurposed jaclas.


i have wanted to buy a vintage jacla repurposed necklace like this for AGES!


@OrbitOrange Wow, and don’t the red rocks show this off to perfection :clap: :heart_eyes:

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