Hello, am back with the rings that I mentioned yesterday.

I purchased these at an antique market. No idea whatsoever about its age or value or even about the turquoise. The lady at the counter said, she was sure they were all NA and sterling.

Any information that you may provide will be helpful.

No mark or signatures. except on the 2 row ring which says Sterling.

Thanks for all the help! deeply appreciate it!

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The first ring, when we see the iron pyrite we usually default to Morenci Turquoise. It is Navajo and looks to definitely have some age.

It would be nice to see the marking on the second ring, It doesn’t look as old as the Morenci ring but that ring shank makes us think Fred Harvey era.

Would call the third ring Navajo, cool design.

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Thanks for taking the time to help me with identifying these rings.

After I got these, I was researching the stones and had almost thought that the first one was a Bisbee! In fact there was a small tag on it which led me in that direction.

The second one has a mark which says Sterling in the center and again on the top part. not other makers mark that I can see with my loupe.

Does the center one have a hallmark that looks like a “J” and a “P” placed together? If so, it might be Pacific Jewelry, which was a company that made tourist jewelry. I ask because the construction looks like a ring I have.

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I don’t see any other hallmarks on that ring except the ‘sterling’.
Would love to see your ring if possible.

Here is the ring

Here is a better picture …did not find a JP on mine.


It looks like there are markings other than sterling on this. Can you get a better picture of all marks?

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I tried my best at taking more pictures, but this was all I could get! .not a great photographer!

Can you point to where you see any more markings? I can only see the Sterling in two different places. I will try to take another picture with my DSLR.