Ronnie Calabaza

I have a couple of Ronnie Calabaza pendants marked ‘RC Zuni NM’ - I searched everywhere and only found one other seller on eBay who had a pendant with the same hallmark (not ‘ROC Zuni NM’ = Ronnie & Olivia Calabaza) and he’s listing his pendant for $1500!

I can’t find any history on Ronnie. I’m assuming this is Ronnie. But only by the other seller’s info and it is very similar to the ‘ ROC Zuni NM’ hallmark. Was this ‘RC’ hallmark used prior to his ROC hallmark with his wife? I assume so due to the outrageous price of the other item I found of which I found only one, anywhere.

Hope someone can help!

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The information in Hougart’s book states they used the same hallmark ROC until mid 1980s when they divorced. After that Ronnie used RC and she uses OP for Olivia Panteah.

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Thank you so so much!!!