Rough Nevada turquoise?

I’m eyeing a fairly big chunk (110gr) of what is called untreated turquoise. It comes with a little handwritten note that says that it originates from Nevada. I really like the way it looks, the bright blue color and the bubbly textures. The swirly bits seem a little unusual maybe.
Both myself and sellers over here have made mistakes in the past though (dyed howlite, magnesite, dyed turquoise, chrysocolla), so i was wondering if you would agree with the description.

Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 20.22.02

The crystalline structure looks more like Chrysocolla to me.


visual search comparison results: <<<google link


Thanks so much for your help @mmrogers and @Steve ! It’s crazy how much misinfo there is over here, regarding turquoise. This seller was driving a hard bargain as well.
Although i’ve been very lucky with bargain hunting i have taken the first steps to buy from reputed sellers with full provenance (also from the US), because i’m starting to dislike the insecurities about what i’m actually holding/ wearing. I am bracing myself for the customs taxes though haha

ETA: i also thought that the stone looked like gem silica chrysocolla, but after seeing the image of the turquoise below (with some of the same characteristics) i started to doubt again.

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