Same unknown artist?

2 separate rings
2 separate purchases
2 separate sources
Yet something looks very similar in each
Stone looks like it could have been cut from the same stone they are so close.
The jagged edges that are clearly visible made by snips. Not cleaned up for some unknown reason. Yet a very proficient so I don’t know why he would be so sloppy. but it is a common thread in both. The craftsmanship is very crude and very similar in both

Great looking stones and rings, nice mystery. good luck solving it.

Thank you. The similar construction and appearance are puzzling. The stone in larger ring was as dark as the smaller at first. But has lightened due to consistent care. Tho the stones appear to be different sizes they are exactly the same size.

@Newby Can you explain what you mean by saying the stone has “lightened due to consistent care”?

It was covered in a black film. Like some kind of filth I assume. Greasy kind of film. I wiped it off with soap and water and kept anything else from building up on the surface. Now I’m sure the stone has changed color due to skin oils and other elements of prolonged exposure. I understand that. But this looked nasty and wiped off without any real effort. even the smaller ring is much lighter now. After basic wear and care

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