Seeking help on Cuff,Please

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone recognizes this style or maker Mark? Or can it be ruled out, as Native American?
Thank you for looking.


Hi what a WOW! Piece…I would definitely call this Native American late 70’s or 80’s style Navajo or Zuni work but its definitely different with all the various gemstones(malachite, larimar, red jasper or red coral, bumblebee jasper, amber, malachite/azurite, amethyst, turquoise, lapis lazuli, Chalcedony? Light translucent purple and maybe jade) they used…maybe a custom job based on that…the mark is a hard one though because it appears as though its partially rubbed away …maybe an A and then??? Hopefully that gives you a few new clues to do some sleuthing on google and the books😉


Thank you, Koliopee,
Any bit is helpful. I will try that information in my search.
And I hadn’t thought about the mark being worn. I thought it was A’.

To me this is a Chakra Cuff. All that is missing is the clear Quartz. I love this piece.


Thank you, Fernwood,
That’s a Great Observation. I will add that to my searching terms.

while waiting for that 1st cup of coffee to kick in I did some hunting around on the net and found this page >

interesting read.


Thank you for that information.

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Thats a really all encompassing page about the chakra stones and explanations. Very useful , thanks for sharing!

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@Steve. I’m bookmarking Chakra guide. thanks for posting!