Set Inlay Necklace & ring & pendant, stamped "925"- no hallmark - age, value, origin Navajo?

I inherited these pieces from my decease aunt. I do believe they are Navajo, maybe Zuni. Strange enough from the pictures it is obvious that all the pieces shown belong to the same set consisting of a necklace, ring, huge pendant and 2 other pieces which use I can not identify. Maybe they were part of the necklace originally or maybe they were meant to be worn as earrings (but very heavy).
Strange also that I did not find an artist hallmark even I did polish the silver.
To me the pieces look like very well made. And I know that they are least 20 years in our family but I think they are older - maybe from the 80ies? Looking forward to the opinions of the experts in this forum…THANKS TO ALL OF YOU

Hello again my friend,

I believe this looks more like Zuni- style inlay. Without hallmarks it is so hard to tell! For price comparison, I found somewhat similar style jewelry sets:

This first one sold on for $275 and is signed by the maker

This one is currently listed for sale at $225 from Yellow Dog Trading Company and is also signed by the maker

I know they are not the same sets, But maybe the pictures can help you determine the value of yours!


Hello, thanks for your research. After doing some more research myself I do agree that it is rather Zuni than Navajo made. Strange though that it is not signed since I think in the 80ties it was already common to sign a piece where so much work went in.