Shadow Box Cuff Mary Morgan?

Have this bracelet I’m hoping was made by Mary Morgan. The seller didn’t know who the maker was but I was familiar with her hallmark from several posts on this sight. I know she did some shadow box work so I thought that was a good sign. @Jason could you confirm for me? Help with the turquoise would also be great. At first I was thought it could be Bisbee. Now that I have it not so sure maybe Lone Mountain? Lastly what value and age would you put on this bracelet? Thanks so much for all the help. I included some pictures in natural light.


side by side with Bisbee examples

Hi Steve. Bisbee does not appear to be a match now that I have it in hand. Maybe Morenci is a possibility too. Thanks for your help.

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This is Mary Morgan, that TT is for Tobe Turpen Trading and the trader’s mark equals $76.40 + something extra like buffing. Those days are long behind us. Does the stone have iron pyrite matrix or is that gold color rock? The bracelet is a really nice piece and I would say $750ish.

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That is amazing you can provide such detailed information down to the original costs involved. I assumed the TT was the initials of the owner so thanks for providing the shop information. The stone doesn’t have the silver pyrite that I’m used to seeing in Morenci but quite a bit of gold pyrite matrix it doesn’t appear to be rock. Do you have a guesstimate on when it was made?

You have been so helpful. I’d like to throw another one at you. This one has a beautiful piece of turquoise too and I’m unsure of the mine as well. It’s not as nicely made as the one by Mary Morgan above but I find the leaves interesting. On close up view you can see where they incorporated the sawtooth design throughout their leaves. Maybe it’s done more often and I just haven’t seen it before. Any additional information on this would be appreciated.


You are right, another beautiful piece of turquoise. I like this style of silver work. You don’t seem to get any easy rocks, this piece also has characteristics of Morenci. That top corner, is that pyrite or stone?

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Hi Jason,

I definitely have my share on Morenci. So I must be drawn to it’s characteristics but this piece appears to be rock and not pyrite to me. Any other thoughts on what else it could be? The Mary Morgan is easily going to be one of my favorites. What do you think would be the age on that bracelet. I really appreciate all your insight. The information you provide is so helpful.

I would call that Mary Morgan piece the 1970s. Mary passed last year and made jewelry up to 2017, she most likely started in the 1950s. The rock I have included a picture of has similar characteristics and is listed as Red Mountain in Jewel of the Southwest.

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If it was mine I would stay with Morenci.

Red Mountain for sure