Sharp edge sticking out on new cuff

I just received this cuff today. Upon examining it, I noticed a sharp edge to the ends of a twisted wire. It looks like they should have been ground down and smoothed, but they were missed. I indicated these areas with the circles. As you can see, the wire on the other side does not stick up and has been smoothed (see arrow). I did not purchase this directly from the artist, but from another seller. How do I repair these pointy bits? Could I take them to a local jeweler to smooth down? Can I do it myself?


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Lovely cuff, a shame it’s got some rough spots… You could take it to a good jeweler who does repairs, not a big jewelry consortium, and they will use some very fine files until it is smoothed out. I would not try sandpaper or wood files. Filing is a large learning curve of making an finishing jewelry. I spent 6 months just filing until I was able to get it right. Don’t let anyone get it near a grinder :slight_smile: It’s not a lengthy project, under an hour but motor skills and correct tools like good jewelers files will fix it up beautifully. Hope this helps. (Personally I would contact the seller and mention the issues in case they are selling more from the artist, but that’s just me-your mileage may vary.)


@Jason could get this fixed easily, I believe.

That’s simply sloppy workmanship, but an easy fix. Until you get those ends taken down to meet the other piece of silver you can use an emery board to take off the sharp edge so you can wear it. Use the emery as you would to shape a nail, long curving strokes - do not saw back and forth, keep the emery moving so you don’t create a flat spot. Go easy and slow, slow is always better.


I’m surprised that the maker left it this way.
You could file this down and polish it easily.
If you aren’t handy with a file, then take it to a competent jeweler.