Silver and turquoise bracelet

Im very new to this. I have this silver and turquoise watch cuff it very heavy and I cannot find any info on the makers stamp W with a sideways J not sure of origin!

I think this is a watch bracelet.

Yes it is! The trouble I’m having is identifying the maker not finding anything under JW or MJ this is my very first time with this type of jewelry I love it! Im afraid to clean it I find it so beautiful with all the patina! I am searching for a special watch to go with it! I just would like to know more about it! Here in Prescott, Az. You wear something this amazing you better know something about it! lol

Such a beautiful piece, love all the flowers and chunk turquoise!

Thank you! I just love it! Looking for that special watch to put on it! I rubbed it with a cloth and was told by a tenant (Navajo) a wonderful lady not to dip it in solutions or rubb the black off the back ground and shadowing areas! I love how it came out! Just wish I could find out about the maker!