Silver & Gold Cuff by Shannon Charlie?

I found this today. it fits perfectly and feels good on my wrist. I didn’t figure i’d be able to find the maker because it’s just a “C” by itself. When I searched “12kgf and sterling cuff” one of the first cuffs had a single “C” hallmark and said it was Shannon Charlie so I searched that and found another. Both have the same double feather as the last element before the cuff opening that mine does. So I think that’s got to be it. Edit: Now that I have the pictures together, the two feathers don’t touch each other on mine and do touch on the other two. And the others are heavier, so maybe not. Anyway, I like it. Size: cuff is 6.3/4" + 1-3/8" opening for a total of 7-1/8" and it’s 5/8" wide. Finally it’s light at 23g. I paid $45+tax.

And the two others I found.

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