Silver with turquiouse inlays stamped j handcrafted r on side i got it from a friend who was going to have a yard sale and sell it. I dont know anything about it so hope these pictures will help evaluate and appraise it for me thank you very much. Ava

Hello, thank you for sharing. This is a very interesting piece. I believe this might be a manufactured piece. Can you tell if the stones are real? From the image (it could be the flash) it appears the stones have a plastic look. However, the turquoise on the inside of the cuff looks real. Can you send an image of the j and r?

Hi again. I was so glad to see this. I have been putting off the repair of this so, can’t help with identifying if plastic or not. Please if you can is this same maker or household?. Was told the opal was lab created. both ends of the bracelet are marked. J M and on the other end “STERLING” above "HANDCRAF " The hook is identical as is the chain. Sadly it was suggested… “perhaps Philippines” or that 2 people worked to construct bracelet.
Thank you…

When i get to working on this… I’ll do the old hot needle test on the exposed stones. Will let Y’all know what I will find out about mine at least. Cheers!

It’s very cool! I’m no expert but I do think it looks real!