Simplicio watch

Hello my turquoise people!
I recently purchased these watch tips from ebay for a rather fair price. They are unsigned but have that Simplicio style.
Does anyone have any knowledge or thoughts they could input? Is anybody familiar with the name Simplicio? Mike? Or maybe Dan since it is not hallmarked? Copy cat? Value?
I would love to hear the opinions of some of you seasoned turquoise enthusiasts =)

This is a nice set, but I would say they are not Simplicio. You definitely have some similarities. However, I think that stamp work on the edge is what tells you it is not his.

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Thank you. As you can tell by the post awaiting to be deleted… I had originally thought Viola Calavaza. Maybe it is a copy. Ah well! I will consider it worth the approx $30 I paid because om actuality it doesnt matter a darn who made it when I plan to wear it either way lol

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Still looks similar to viola. But no stamp.

Hi @Acutiestill, I got all excited when I found this one last year. I thought for sure I had found a Simplicio. :star_struck:

Thanks. Definitely not a simplicio after reading your thread. But that’s alright! I don’t really go for particular high end artists anyway! I collect anything I like. My only requirements it being mexico or more preferably native american made and vintage. I just love to know the history on the pieces I do possess. Thanks for all and any help guys!