Siversmith mark

Does anyone recognize this artist? Two arrow heads pointed in opposite directions with Ster ling between the arrows. I bought the belt 30 years ago in either NM, AR or CO.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/c5035a2c121272363e55f4a2a87fec08b7eb2992.jpg">

Couple of people use the arrowhead, could you please give us a picture of the work? thanks for sharing

Thanks for answering my question. Attached is a picture of the work. It’s beautiful. And thanks for helping me.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/5280d52fa995bef559625cc51966970dc1fba5cf.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/43e928ef67df3c0471c396d81baabc5ccc1f4e7d.jpg">