Six stone spiderwebbed turquoise necklace


This beauty just came to live with me and I’d like to find out a little more about it. The length is about 26” and it weighs 95.5 grams. The smallest of the six stones is 3/4” by 1/2” and the largest is 1 1/4” by 5/8”. All of the stones are beautifully spiderwebbed and there is pyrite in several. I’m leaning towards either Bisbee or Morenci and will appreciate your opinions. I’m also interested in an approximate age and value. Thanks so much! ![image|320x235]


Wow, you have really been on a roll! Great stuff in the last 2 posts. Gorgeous stones in each of them!


Thanks. I actually bought them from the same person and am extremely pleased with my purchase.

Love the color of these stones.

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I am not certain, but you might want to consider Apache blue or a similar smaller mine. Those stone appear to me to be very high grade from a smaller mine.
I should have added a bit more: the color is not quite as dark as I would expect for Apache blue, but the matrix leads me to believe it is a smaller mine with high grade stones. This appears to be a high luster stones.

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The person I bought them from us part of the Native American community in New Mexico. They were insistent that it was high-grade Arizona turquoise.

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On top of all the rest, I love the stamped bar chain links.

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Thanks. I have similar stamping on the two cuffs that I bought from a local man several months ago.( I think I posted them here too.) They make a nice “set”. Have a nice day!

WOW. Hooty-hooo, This piece is gorgeous!
You wear it well @Islandmomma:blush:

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