Some of my latest "new" finds

The shadowbox cuff bracelet is simply stamped with an “I” and appears to be very old. The egg isnt really jewelry, but still a really cool piece. The 30 strand coral necklace is strung on sinew. And the Mary or Marie Morgan sterling silver with 1/20th 12k gold overlay necklace is my show stopper :blush:

The shadowbox piece might be Irene Lee, she made lots of work like this and it sounds like her hallmark. I would be interested in seeing the hallmark for the necklace?

Mary’s hallmark is a little different, I have included a picture. The necklace is great, any information from your purchase that could lead us in the right direction to identify?

I live up here in SD, so all of my finds are pawnshop purchases. I saw on one website the had Mary’s marking as double M’s…did she always use just that font ?

It’s my understand that She has done some 1/20th 12k fill work in some of her other works, so the shoe seemed to fit so to speak. Id love to find out who the maker is, if it isn’t her

Marty Mont or Marie Morgan ? Or any off this list ?

The trading post I work for has worked with her for decades, and at one time she worked in the store. We have not known her to use two Ms, her style of work is traditional.

Well, we can rule that one out then :blush:
Thanks for your help and info so far :+1: