Sorry-you folks probably all know this

I know I’ve seen it mentioned here: the stamp that just says Zuni? Does that signify area,shop,a collective?
My “pusher” has a small cross pendant,set w/needlepoint turq. & that stamp vertically on the back.
Btw,didja note “has”? lol I’m heading back the end of the week as his partner is sending some more silver up this way. Hey,worth a look,right?


I so love the phrase “pusher” …describes my situation with turquoise! :rofl:


I believe it just means it was made at Zuni pueblo, New Mexico, by a member of the Zuni tribe. I don’t know of any shops or collectives that used such a stamp. I have a ring that is stamped “Zuni, N. M.”


Thanks! It’ll be fun to demonstrate the new knowledge :wink:

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