Spiderwebbed turquoise ring by Kay Johnson

I believe this ring is fairly new and the hallmark is that of of Kay Johnson who is Anglo working in NA style. I’m interested in seeing if anyone can help me identify the turquoise. The spiderwebbing is a reddish color and despite the high polish you can feel the matrix. My first thought was Red Mountain but when I compared it to my cuff it was slightly different. Can one of you help identify it? Thanks for your help.8B1C274A-CEA6-47A8-A5F1-FB01DA443A04


Maybe Red Web Kingman. Nice stone


I thought the name is Kay Johnson? I may be wrong though.

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It is. I made a mistake and didn’t catch it. Thanks

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Very pretty! I bought a similar ring from Kay on ebay a couple years ago. Same hallmark. Stone is similar. It was sold as Bisbee yet was not very expensive. I will post a pic tomorrow.

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Here is a pic of my Kay Johnson ring next to a really bright blue ring for color reference. The webbing in the Kay Johnson ring is a reddish lavender. Not sure it really comes through in the photo.

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You are right—the turquoise is very similar. Pretty ring.