Squash Blossom Necklace-Lumi

Looking for information on this piece.

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You might see if you can test the metal. The turquoise is called sea foam from Kingman, popular in the 70s/80s.


Thank you so much. I will see if I can.

So bummed, no silver content. Does this automatically mean it’s fake?

No just means not as valuable. Depending on when the piece was made it could have been because of high silver prices and their is also a market for less expensive pieces in this style.

Okay, thank you. To me it definitely looks handmade and not commercial because of the imperfections in the metal-uneven seams in the bails and overall construction. It is very heavy and also short.

I see some silver beads with their seams going the “wrong” (opposite) way from Navajo work. It could be Mexican in origin, and/or there’s no reason to rule out commercially acquired parts.

Is there a place I can learn about what makes a piece Navajo vs Mexican?

Hi Lumi! Welcome! The best way to learn is to find books with a lot of good content which includes a bibliography about where they acquired their information, direct references to the subject your researching as the title helps to or in the case of squash blossom necklaces look for a good reference book on Navajo or Dine jewelers/jewelry and good clear pictures. In the meantime while you look for a book on ebay, used book stores, amazon I would recommend reading as many threads on here! As possible! This website has been more than invaluable to me as a jewelry artisan/jewelry historian/collector. There is more usable info on every jewelry subject on here than you find in most books on this subject and jewelry history/fabrication/identification and hallmarks, etc… Its amazing! Just get a nice cup of whatever, grab your favorite throw blanket and have Turquoise People Evening on your phone, laptop whatever…You will know sooo much more after you read through our amazing threads and you’ll be hooked! Haha

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