Squash Blossom with silver fish tails for necklace and Conastoga Wagon Bolo, Authentic?


Do you have any idea of the origin? There is no marking on the back.

The Conastoga Wagon Bolo says “Bennett Pat Pending” on the back. Is it authentic Indian jewelry?


The Conestoga Wagon is authentic, and to my eyes, a good piece with some value. I believe it’s by Helen and Lincoln Zunie. (Yes, they were of the Zuni tribe, and their surname was Zunie.) It would be nice if it had their signature, H-L Zunie, but I still think it’s still theirs anyway. There are several up on eBay now, priced from $298 to $745. What do the bolo tips look like on this bolo tie? Apparently there were matching wagon-wheel tips and they appear to add to the value of the piece. Do a Google search and search eBay to see comparable examples.

When I see those “fish-shaped” squash blossoms, I know I am looking at an older squash blossom.I believe they were usually sand-cast. Jason would have a better idea of when these were more commonly made. Collectors who like early pieces favor these types of squash blossoms over what I want to call the Coachella crowd, who also like squash blossoms but want something that looks somewhat different. What I like about this is the naja. I see many Revival-style squash blossoms using this style of naja with hands so it’s interesting to me to see an original aged piece.

Can you post more pictures of both pieces? Every time I look at something new to me, I learn something – which is why I am here – and I appreciate lots of good pictures. That also helps with determining value & condition.

It does have the Wagon Wheel Tips


My other Bolo does not have any marking either.


Thank you for your comments. These came from my parents collection. They helped bring the Appaloosa to Pennsylvania in the 60’s which really ties nicely into the Indian jewelry they collected.

My sister has a squash blossom that won national recognition and is framed with a newspaper article showing the award. It has matching earrings. Very Nice.