SS/12K GF Ring - Turquoise Crescent Moon

Greetings All,

Newbie here! I have an abiding love for turquoise and I found a ring yesterday at a flea market that I adore but struggling finding any info on the hallmark or even a comparison to this style of work. While researching I found this forum and I wanted to see if you all had insight. There is a “MS” hallmark but it does not appear to be related to Mitchell Sockyma as it is not offset and no turtle. Thoughts?

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Hi! Are you able to post a picture?

Picture would be a great help.

Posting an image is always helpful. Sometimes more than one person has the same or similar hallmarks. By looking at the style, it often helps to identify the maker.

Hey hey!

Thanks for the replies and my apologies for the pics not transmitting. Here they are.


Don’t know who the hallmark is, but agree definitely not Mitchell Sockyma. He’s Hopi; this does not look anything like Hopi work. Not really sure what it is.

Ya know, kinda looks like some kind of Fraternal Order ring.

Totally agree it’s fraternal of some kind.

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