Sterling and Block Turquoise Cross Pedant

I don’t think this is native american, maybe NA style. It was marked sterling and synthetic turquoise. When I showed an interest in it, the man said everything on that that shelf was 50% off, which put it very close the the price of the silver, assuming it’s silver, it’s marked 925, so, impulse buy, and it’s really pretty from an arms length. 22 g. it’s 2-1/8’ tall and 1-1/4" wide. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be reversible. It’s kind of like an overlay with the backs of each half burnished so they don’t show through from the other side. Paid $10+tax.

I think you did just fine for $10. You can definitely scrap it for more than that. The turquoise actually looks real to me (not great quality, but still real!). This pendant is considered “southwestern” and would not be Native American made.

Neat find! I love the open work design on the back of the Cross. I agree with what Bigbree43 said.