Stumped by a hallmark that is being attributed to Native Americans

I have just gotten this piece in and it is very strange. The hallmark is seen on the internet being attributed to Navajo. I am just not sure about it. Now the actual shape of the piece is also unusual. Any thoughts??

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I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark in the reference books, but if you told me attributed to a Navajo artist I would believe you. I have no idea what the design is, but that isn’t unusual to me. We get many requests to have certain things made that have nothing to do with Native American design. Silver bolos for Rotary International, buckles for class reunions, or just about anything else you can think of.

Thanks Jason! Any chance you could weigh in on that coral squash blossom I posted? Not sure if I should keep it or flog it. Pretty sure I will be keeping the tewa bolo though. Thanks as always Jason!

Does that say Eras? It’s very unusual to me too. It almost looks like a golf ball!???

“By Elias” is what it says. I can find the hallmark online being sold as Native, but I cannot find out anything about the person. That is the way it goes sometimes.