TAHE bracelet

Thought this might be of interest, found at estate sale and picked up with a bunch of other misc silver pieces ( earing’s, rings etc. ) for a couple bucks for all :smiley:
(pretty heavy weighs 30 grams)


Nice silver stamped bracelet. Looks like Elaine Tahe’s work.


Are those bear paws encircling it? Cool.


thanks jason and ziacat and it looks like bear claws but what the heck do I know :upside_down_face:


I want to go to estate sales with you.

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My wife and I spent at least 8 hours over the course of 3 days going thru the place and spent about 120 bucks for a bunch of stuff including a dresser set from the 30’s that she just had to have :zipper_mouth_face: Total silver between scrap and good was about 5 oz’s and some gold stuff, brand new tools still in the packages (means I might have to do something :weary: A bunch of canning stuff, new jars etc some antique bottles and much much more. Still recovering from it but it was a lot of fun. BTW it was still packed when finished but refuse to go back, need my rest!