This collection paid for a car in 1970-80's

My mother & I inherited a rather large collection of turquoise jewelry. My grandfather was an auto dealer in the Kingman, AZ area. He received a portion of payment for a car in turquoise jewelry. My mother has the majority of the collection. I currently have these 3 pieces shown in the photo. I don’t see any Hallmarks or stamps on the underside of any of them. The bracelet with the 3 large stones has a price of $450.00 taped underneath. The other bracelet is quite thick & weighty. We are just beginning to gather the information needed inorder to sell this collection. So any help in evaluating these pieces will be greatly appreciated :smile: Thank you

For size reference:

Save these for hard times. They will worth a lot as turquoise are and will get harder to find. The bracelet on the right has some interesting turquoise. I have never seen those before so I won’t judge that one.
The top left has some really good quality turquoise. Save that as well.
The necklace has a very pretty turquoise that is medium grade. The design is simple and quite bold. Can sell for $200
As for the bracelets they are old for sure as there are no markings. They all look sterling to me.
The top left might be made from coin silver. Best to get them appraised somewhere.

Thank you Regulus. I want to extend my sincere appreciation for your evaluation of the three pieces. I have tried many different venues seeking information and have come up with so little. Your suggestion to save them for hard times is noted and I most likely will follow just that. I will also take them for an official appraisal. May I ask what characteristics of the top left one suggests coin silver? The bracelet is very thick, so much so, that it has no give what so ever to adjust the size. It weighs 116.7 grams total. If hard times were to hit soon, hypothetically. Can you give me an approximate worth? I only ask because I truly don’t know. Thank you again! Kindest Regards :smile:

The cuff on top left I feel that it is possibly antique and most likely it is. Very old silver navajo jewelry were made of of coin silver because that was their source of silver. They would melt down the coin silver and use that to make their pieces.
It looks simple and very sturdy, The color is different from 925 silver. Perhaps it’s from the lighting or a bit of tarnish. It’s hard to tell just from looking at a picture but I do suggest getting it tested somewhere!
You can purchase a small acid solution bottle for couple of dollar.

fyi; since you said it was paid for a car in the 1970-80s. The car back then wasn’t awfully expensive so these pieces might be pawned off.

Again thank you :slight_smile: More good info… :slight_smile: lol yes cars were much cheaper back then. But actually even by today’s standards it wasn’t THAT cheap… lol. The pieces I’ve shown here are just the tip of the iceberg. We have squash blossom necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, nugget necklaces, bolo’s, watch bands, belt buckles, earrings and trays of rings. I just don’t have access to them right now. They are with my mother who lives 3 hours away. I did find 3 other little pieces I have. I will post them in a thread soon. The ring I think might be nice. One last question… Can you suggest where I might find a suitable appraisal? ie. what type of individual/establishment I should look for in my area? You’ve been a great help :blush:

I find eBay very useful in that by using the “sold” search feature, I can see what people are actually paying for similar items. Items have no fixed value, good appraisers cost money, and I’ve had bad one try to rip me off, it’s wise to do your homework, but also understand the changeable market.