Thoughts on these turquoise stones?

That’s great :smiley: If you do decide to restring it yourself, please share the finished product with us. I think you will do well :grin:


Thank you kindly @CyanideRose18 , will do! (:smile:


Since i like the old & discolored wire on this necklace, i didn’t really enjoy the idea to have it restrung with new wire. To me the weathered string adds a bit of extra character to the necklace.

So i have chosen to do a temporary fix that isn’t destructive to the original wire, but in my opinion significally (re-)strengthens it.

There was just one point in the wire that i didn’t trust, where a chipped heishi bead had cut into it. The rest of the wire still felt nice and strong. (As a test i tried to break the excess bit near the closing, but couldn’t get it to break).
It’s a bit hard for me to explain in English, but i attempted to take the weight off of the weak bit of wire by making a little loop that i then secured with some very strong nylon fishing cord that i had laying around. This way the damaged part of the wire is not under (that much) stress anymore. I made a little drawing that hopefully explains it a bit clearer.

Since this fix i’ve happily worn the necklace daily without much fear of it breaking. The only thing is that when i go outside i usually wear it under my shirt, which is tucked into my pants, just to make sure. Plus I do do a little inspection regularly, to see if the new nylon wire won’t cut into the old wire.

I am still considering a more proper and durable restringing job though, but feel that for the time being this will do.