Three Stone Bracelet Mark?? What is it?

I love this bracelet, but I’m stumped by the mark. On the back, in marker, it says 1880 (188D?) Blue Diamond. The color of the turquoise is consistent with what I can find on Blue Diamond. I believe it is Navajo made. It is heavy, unmarked for silver, but tests right. The mark is etched, and either a crescent moon, or initials - I have all the books and can’t find it. What are your thoughts?

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Can we see the front please and any additional shots of the whole piece and the sides help tremendously too…thankyou!

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It is a very nice bracelet and has the right look, I would do some research on Jeanette Dale and see if you can find her marking pieces JD. Doing a quick google search I couldn’t find her using a setting like this, but it might be a place to start.



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