Tommy Singer - My Favorite and Only Unwearable Piece

I love Tommy Singer. Although this pin/pendant has lost some inlay and the pin back is gone, it’s still my favorite piece. It just can’t be worn anymore as I don’t want to cause further damage.

So I mounted it in a shadow box and it’s hanging next to my only Howell and Garner lithos.

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Great piece, thanks for sharing.

I have a BUNCH of these. If I ever wanted to fix something which can not be heat soldered, as this chip inlay cannot, I would use one of the new monster epoxy glues. I would roughen the surface to be glued to give it GRIP. I would plan in advance how the pieces would be held together with things like clothespins or mousetraps, or other clips, and I would protect the chip inlay side with soft cloth padding.

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Sounds like a great solution and many of those new epoxies are awesome. I have used them on some other projects but not on jewelry. The only drawback is my eyes are not what they used to be and end up crossed if I try to do things requiring such finesse. Oh well. Looks good hanging in a shadow box, but darn wish I could wear it.


Why don’t you wear it as a pendent?
It looks to me as if it is made to be used as a Pin or hung by a chain?
Just a thought…:slight_smile:

I actually wore it twice. But since it looks better on a longer chain, found it kept banging into the table if sitting. So to avoid knocking out any more pieces, just put it in a shadow box. It’s hanging next to my only Frank Howell litho so looks pretty cool. At least I get to see it daily!

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Very nice. His chip work inlay in silver, polishes up so wonderfully. That’s a keeper.

Thank you! Wish it was wearable, but would rather have it more intact and safe since it’s my only Singer piece! I do love his work. You are correct in that it polishes up so well!

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I love your shadow box idea. As a man, I go out looking for items for mtself, only to bring home treasures for my wife as I am very tall, hard to size for, etc. I have a couple items I am now considering shadow boxing eventually, Thanks!
I have a HUGE Bolo made by one of T. Singers sons. Very much, " Singer " Family style work. Sweated silver & Turquoise he used so often with the bright blue, solid black matrix. Had no idea it was so huge. Good for a denim shirt, not appropriate for a linen, lol. I will post a photo soon, as it is beautiful. I do own a small T.S. Item. Nothing old or unique like yours.

Your wife is a very lucky lady! My husband hates jewelry of all kinds, with the exception of his wedding ring and his Claddagh I bought him on our trip to Ireland. But he only wears it on St. Paddy’s Day! The good watch? Forgot that, he uses his phone…I barely know how to answer mine.

I’ve attached a picture of the pendant in the shadow box. It’s not great, and was hard to photograph as the sun is finally out today, so rather glaring! I keep an eye out for shadow boxes at thrift stores, but worse case go to Michael’s as they have many different sizes. This one is very plain. Has a simple narrow black frame and black velvet lining. Then just pinned it in. The worst part was centering and it’s still not perfect!

Post pictures of your Singer pieces. I do love his work. And you’re right, some of ihis bolos are huge! But I think you can wear it with more than denim shirts! Get your wife in on that!

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Duh, forgot to attach the photo.


You did a great job shadow boxing it. It costs a lot to have it done professionaly. Thanks for another good idea. I understand your husband. I was not interested in jewelry until I hit 40, now I appreciate it. I tend to get the most use out of belt buckles & bolos. My wife has some great pieces, over time I might post a couple in the hopes of gaining info on stones, value & just to share. I will post my Singer Bolo soon. Great hearing from you!

I saw what was listed as a TS work, the same as yours on Ebay. I hope the fact they are asking 500$ makes you happy. It is probably still up if you read this soon enuff. I like the cloud work on this & others from his storyteller pieces. Also the animals on the storyteller silver. I don’t know when he started doing less to no chip inay and started doing storytelling & sweated silver. I am aware chip is early, big, heavy stuff last, as well as aware of the various hallmarks & the family is large, skilled in various ways. If you know, do tell. I posted a Richard Singer Bolo as well.Best :blush:

My great-uncle and his wife owned a saddle/tack store in the stockyards of Oklahoma City when I was growing up. He had bolos and belt buckles out the kazoo and my aunt was always wearing fabulous turquoise pieces. But as my Mom said, when she was a kid growing up in Oklahoma you could buy it at the dime store for 25 cents. She has no idea what happened to her stuff, with the exception of a few pieces. And when my Aunt and Uncle died, my other Aunt got all the jewelry. That is another story!’ LOL!

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