Tommy Singer older? but surprised by condition

Just came across this at a thrift store, and had no idea other than I liked it and thought one of my daughters would like it. Turns out it’s a Tommy Singer but seems to be a older hallmark? However, it’s in really good shape, and it’s gold vermeil over silver - any idea if how old it is or what it’s worth (about) - I paid $30 for it :slight_smile: Seems I got a good deal.


I also think that is one of his early marks. I would have paid that for the earrings. I have a couple of his pieces and they weren’t cheap. I hope she enjoys them.

We use the sold listings on eBay to give a US as well as Worldwide idea of what is selling and for how much. I believe it reflects todays market values fairly close. Of course with rare pieces out there that don’t fit into blanket categories more research is needed. I would say your earrings in todays market are valued at $125. Like the Buffalo, style and quality of your earrings. Here is what is selling similar to them. Follow the link and if you notice the checked boxes on the left side of search page -this is how you can use eBay’s sold listings for reference.

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Forgot to mention notice/use the “sort option” on top right on search page. Set to “Price + Shipping: Highest first” which helps push most of China’s and Overseas low listings to the bottom of search which can be h#& to sort through at times.

Can you tell me if that hallmark and sterling stamp is raised or sunk into the silver?