Tourquoise and Coral cuff bracelet

I have a turquoise and coral cuff bracelet with a hallmark P stamped on the inside I’ve had it for 30 years or more. Any help on identifying the maker? Could you tell me it’s value?
Thank you.

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Hello, this style is called chip inlay. It is a Navajo handmade bracelet. I come across an artist by the name of Jimmie Patterson that did this type of work in the 1970s - 80s. The example of the P given in Bille Hougart’s book is different, but I believe this to be the artist. I imagine something like this would be around $225 - $275. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your information Jason, it was very helpful. Also there is a name engraved inside the bracelet. Nellie Giger, not sure if you noticed that or not. I am assuming that she was a previous owner, however I think she may have some tie to the Navajo artist, or may not. Have you heard of her? Thanks for your feedback! B

I did notice the name engraved next to the hallmark. Like you I thought it was a previous owner’s name. It is a special tool that does that engraving and could have been a friend of the artist.

OMG these are gorgeous. Where did you acquire these. Wonderful pieces of art. :sunny:

From art-amerindien:

Barton Wright indicates Patterson drives the hallmark very deep.

I also have another piece with this hallmark which exactly matches this and Bmarie’s. and is inlay even if it isn’t as nice at the bracelet.

The question then is Patterson ever work at the Ortega shop?