Trying to ID a hallmark on a bracelet

I just purchased this white buffalo cuff in Jerome, AZ. At the shop, they told me that they did not know the artist - they said he just stopped by the shop on his way to California and sold them two pieces. The hallmark is NJB, with the word sterling above it. Anyone know who this might be?

Nelson Begay? Google images for his work and compare with yours. (I can’t see any image in your post.)

Here’s a white buffalo cuff that he made.

I think you could be right. I’m still trying to figure out how to attach a photo to a post, but the one you showed looked a lot like mine. I found Nelson Begay’s FaceBook page and have sent a photo and a message to him, in hopes that he might confirm its provenance. Thanks for your help!

I love when contemporary artists are on Facebook. Looks like he’s keeping a page under the name of Bowzo Begay, at least based on the nice pieces of jewelry he is sharing. Good luck with your ID! I was just in Sedona last week. I got out to Cottonwood but unfortunately did not visit Jerome.

Nelson Begay’s FaceBook page is NJB Jewelry. I was able to message him with a photo and he very quickly confirmed that it is one of his pieces. Thanks for you help in pointing me in the right direction!

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