Trying to identify spiderweb turquoise

Hi, I recently acquired two pair of earrings that were made by the same person. Not sure that they are Native American although style wise they could be. The pair on the left is identified on the back as Ajax. The other pair on the right is hallmarked with makers name and marked silver and gold. Does anyone have an opinion about the bluer turquoise? Could it be another example of Ajax ? Finally, does anyone recognize the maker? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Beautiful earrings. The one pair of earrings has Ajax scribed on the back. This is a turquoise from Nevada. However, I believe both pieces to be Chinese turquoise. Did you get any information when you purchased the earrings? Thanks for sharing.

No I didn’t. They were an online purchase that I made based solely on the fact that I thought the turquoise was nice. The pair marked Ajax are 1 7/8” and the other more blue pair measure 2 1/8”. Could you please give me an idea of what they might be worth. I’d like to be sure I’m making reasonable purchases.
Finding turquoise locally is not easy: especially nice stuff. I live about five miles from the beach in coastal South Carolina. Around here it’s more about sunbathing and seashells.
On a different topic, I purchased a bracelet many years ago that I would really like an educated opinion about. Someone mentioned Bisbee Lavender Pit to me several years ago, but I would truly like more info and possibly a value. Will try to post tonight. Thanks for your help.

I would put the small pair around $35 - $40, and the earrings with gold around $120.

Thank you. I appreciate the information.