Turning Inside Out On Thunderbird Hallmark

While this pendant isn’t very sophisticated, I do love the turquoise nugget. I believe it is Kingman and looks like some of the old Kingman I’ve got from 40 yrs ago.

The hallmark has me baffled. I’ve hunted everywhere to no avail. I’ve sent pictures to several galleries/shops around the country and they have had no luck finding it either. Could it be a now defunct old trading post? I was also

curious about age. There have been varying opinions…some post 1960’s, some 1950’s.

I enjoy wearing it, so that’s the important thing.

I would guess more the 1970s. This is a very popular time for turquoise jewelry and it makes sense with a hallmark no one can identify. The type of turquoise and the fact that it has that hallmark suggest it is not as old. Beautiful piece, thank you for sharing.


Thanks Jason. That makes sense. I love the necklace, but occasionally I’m just fascinated by the hallmark! Terry