Turquoise and Red Coral ID

This is a broken necklace I made in the 1980’s under the guidance of Navajo Grandmas…
The components were purchased from a reputable jewelry supply shop in NM.
The Turquoise was represented as a mix of Sleeping Beauty and Kingman. The coral branches as natural, undyed, red coral.

After taking these photos I noticed that there are some lighter areas on some of the Turquoise. That tells me it is dyed. Or, is it a fluke?

The red, round beads are ceramic.

I had to adjust the color on the photos to make it look correct, especially when there was both Turquoise and coral in the same photo.

Appreciate any input you might have. Thank you.

On my computer the Turquoise still looks too dark. It is slightly lighter than the third photo.
There is some dust in the features of the coral. I have many pieces of this coral, some broken. The red color is uniform.

The turquoise and branch coral look correct, the only thing that looks different is the round red bead.

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Thanks Jason. I have many necklaces made with the coral and a few more with the same Turquoise.
Guess I better repair this one or use the materials for other jewelry.