Turquoise and Silver Pin

Large Pin-2 1/2 by 3 inches. Belonged to my grandparents who collected Native American jewelry in the 1970’s. They had many Native American friends from Oklahoma, Arizona, and from the Seneca tribe in NY. I would love to know something about the origin of this piece.

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Thanks for sharing. I wanted to believe that we still purchase pieces from this artist, but when I went to look around the shop I couldn’t find anything. I did some poking around in my reference books and came up with the name Vance Homer, but couldn’t find anything online. Then I asked Tony who has been working here since the 1960s. As soon as he saw the piece he said Vacit, but didn’t have a first name. He did believe it was a lady who made these, so you can go through a list of first names with H. Hope this leads you in the right direction.

Aren’t mysteries fun! That pin is really amazing. The stone look green?
I wanted to also ask a question. This is a ring of light green spiderweb looking rock.
nice polish. The small ring has almost a hollow feel it is so well soldered. The back is stamped sterling then Underneath it, is stamped a upside down B. I saw one picture but the upside-down B was on the top of the word sterling. Could it be the same maker?

Benjamin Piaso? Thank YOU Jason.

Thanks for sharing. Letter stamps are always very difficult to identify. The positioning of the B to the Sterling mark I don’t think of as the signature, and feel comfortable with the B being above, below or any relationship and still being the same artist. Benjamin does seem to do a lot of feather work that is similar to leaf work, never know. Good luck again.