Turquoise cuff unmarked

Any idea on maker/ I found no visible signature. I searched several images at the internet, some looked similar. What confuses me is the leaves holding the stone in place (like prongs in modern rings).
The rope, the leaves the silver pearl/balls and construction all look right for Older Native American Jewelry. The stone is at it’s widest points, 1.75inches by 1.5 inches across. The cuff opening is 2.5inches.

I bought this last night at a Church Rummage sale, so since it was donated, they had no info on it. Any idea in where turquoise was mined? Thanks.


Very pretty cuff in an unusual style.


Thank you. It’s only the second day I have had it, and I still keep looking at the stone, and the construction of the whole piece in awe of the talent of the maker.