Turquoise Cufflinks, Any Thoughts on Turquoise Mine? Thank You

Aquired these up recently. Sterling marked, no hallmark. Seller is friend, thin k s purchased circa 79 to 81. Is anyone able to ID the Turquoise without a doubt? Most think Morenci or Arizona Blue. These are I think what most people go to f o r, as I do. They look better in the light, as do most stones.

Thank you.

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I wouldn’t call this Morenci. It has a very nice color. It doesn’t look the same blue as in the link, http://nevadagem.com/pages/categorypages/turqmount.html, but I would call this Turquoise Mountain. Very nice.


As I had no idea what mine to associate with them, & I trust your expertise above others, am Sincerely Grateful that you could take the time to identify them. It’s a pleasure to have got them from a good man, at a very good price. Again, Thanks Jason. Best 2 u n urs.