Turquoise necklace unsigned with unusual closure

I need help deciding whether this is real turquoise, if it’s Native American and if it has value. I have taken lots of pictures because there is a lot of turquoise. There are dark areas and some whitish spots however, I have also taken a magnifying glass and a flashlight and looked at the drilled holes in the center and they seem to be the same color as the turquoise. That was definitely not an easy task because the necklace is tightly strung. It seems to be on coated wire which is good because it weighs 126g. It’s approximately 18” s and some of the discs are nearly an inch wide.
The chain and hook have me puzzled. Not typical for NA but it could have been a DIY repair.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Yes, this is real turquoise. It does look to have some age and a handmade chain adding value. However, a lot of the value goes on what the turquoise would sell for. That will give you the best idea of value. Nice necklace.

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Thanks so much. I need to measure but I think they are slightly bigger. No matter though, i still did well.
That definitely makes being sick better. I really appreciate all the info today.