Turquoise necklace

Hi there, this was my nan’s and I’m interested to know if it’s worth getting it properly valued. The family story is it’s worth a lot of money. I believe it’s from Mexico in the 60’s.


We use to get some turquoise from Mexico that had pyrite like this. My guess would be this is Kingman Turquoise. It is always difficult to determine turquoise from a picture, but Kingman is a very common stone and you see it strung like this. It would be interesting to get a date on the necklace. You might do a little family research and come up with a best date. From the image the stones look like they are stabilized, very common. Your necklace is real turquoise, has a nice look, but everyone is going to have to keep their day job. Genuine Kingman Turquoise Tumbled Polished Nugget 12 G Chakra - Etsy Denmark This page has two necklaces ranging from high $400s to $500s.