Turquoise or no? NA or no?

This is a pendant my mom has had for a awhile. My dad bought it because he loved the green stones, my mom has always had a feeling it isn’t turquoise. It looks more green than the photos reflect, and it seems to have some depth which makes it seem less like turquoise. The only mark on the back is " sterling", so wonder about the origin as well.

Asking for educated input again, I appreciate everyone taking the time :slight_smile:


Looks like turquoise to me. Beautiful, and it’s a lovely necklace!


I remembered this cuff that xtina had posted awhile ago, and the turquoise in hers reminds me of the stone in your mom’s pendant.

I think I remembered it, because she commented about how it reminded her of the ocean, and I was thinking your mom’s stone has that same feel.


Yes…sure looks like turquoise to me! It comes in many shades and most natural turquoise does have color variations and matrix (which may be all shades of tan, black, brown, even red). @Ziacat has a great memory for examples on the site…and yours also looks like little islands in a big sea. :grinning:


I have a ridiculously weird memory :grin:


Thank you all for the input! Mom has a lot of lovely turquoise of different kinds, this one just felt different to her, so it’s nice to hear other opinions.


Beautiful stone. Love it.

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