Turquoise pendant. What type of turquoise is this? What mine could it be from?

I just got this pendant in the mail and am disappointed in the setting. The stone is set crooked and the prongs are scratched up. The seller said it was sterling but I don’t see a sterling mark. I only paid 20 however, so if it’s a decent stone and not a fake, I’ll keep it. I do like the colors and would love to know more about it. Any ideas on the type or the mine? Is it worth a new setting?


This is a piece of Chinese turquoise, and a $20 price tag is a good deal. It looks like a silver setting to me( silver will not always be marked!). If you look closely at the back of your stone, there is a straight-line crevice that runs the length of the stone. That’s because at one point, your pendant was a bead, and was then repurposed into a pendant. I would leave your pendant as-is. The stone has a nice range of color, there is lots of material coming out of China that looks like this.


@Bigbree43 thank you. That’s very interesting. I thought someone may have scratched the back of the stone to see it the color went beneath the surface to tell if it was real/natural or not.

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Lots of Chinese beads end up being repurposed, I have one similar.