Turquoise ring & earrings ID


Might anyone have a guess on the types of turquoise in this ring and pair of earrings?

Also, the hallmark/signature on earrings to my eye looks like a D maybe. Any ideas on who might be the artisan?
Thanks much!


Hi I think the hallmark on earrings is Joe Delgarito


Yes, absolutely Jie Delgarito. Thank you!


two different kinds of Turq here. Definitely Delgarito on the earrings, Hallmarks are definitive in some cases. Ring looks like blue gem to me, but I would always defer to the pros.

Thanks, Christibo. I have not heard of blue gem. Looking at photos of blue gem, could be.

I wonder if the Delgarito earring stone might be Bisbee.

I really like the ring.

I used to have some earrings with the same hallmark (not sure what happened to them). Iā€™m not positive, but doubt they are Bisbee. I believe mine were Kingman, but again not sure cause they are gone.