Two different artists credited with same Hallmark?

I have a ring of my grandmothers, purchased I assume sometime in the '70’s, that has a unique Hallmark on it (I apologize for the photo, I can’t find my little magnifier lense for my phone camera).

Looking up the image in one of these books -

I see it attributed to Mabel Kee:

As does the Tskies site

But, eBay shows an item with the hallmark attributed to Emerson Kinzel based on what’s listed on the art-armerindien site:

How do I tell who really made it? I’m leaning towards Mabel Kee. Opinions?

I’m not familiar with Mabel Kee and her work, but I would go with Schaaf and Turquoise Skies over the Art-Amerindian site, which is known to have a lot of errors. Those errors tend to get repeated and amplified on the internet since it’s the main free hallmark source. Schaaf’s books are great, and he has made studying Native American art his life’s work.


The amerinindian site has a lot of errors. Sometimes artists have the same or similar hallmarks but usually these are plain letters. Go with the book.

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Here is another one: Dennis Smith and Sam Lovato