Unusual old necklace with unknown mark

This unusual necklace and ring were purchased at different times and from different sources and coincidentally,

both have a similar mark. I’ve not been able to find this makers mark anywhere. Would Jason or anyone out there recognize it? Would love to know the age, mine and value as well.
Thanks, Paula


it could be a price code for a shop that was selling it.

Yes, I would also think more of a trader’s mark. Both pieces are beautiful.

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Thanks. What a strange coincidence owning two pieces with almost the same shop code and now they come together once again!
Do you know what mine the stones are from on these two pieces? The stones on the necklace almost glow they are so blue, is it Lone Mountain maybe?

I think you could get away with Lone Mountain for both pieces.

You are both right, here is a similar shop mark on an old Dishta piece!

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