Vintage Gamecock Chip Inlay Bolo Tsosie?

My son gave me this bolo while I was visiting them. He found it at Goodwill and it had been cleaned in several spots so I had to finish the job to make it presentable. The inlay is in great condition and is turquoise, coral and what appears to be a white shell. I think it is a fighting gamecock. In the bottom right corner there is a flower with leaves. The tips haven’t been polished yet but are pretty plain; just four small stamped squares on the front and back of each. It has a script signature that is worn and hard to decipher. I’m pretty sure that is Tsosie but not quite sure which one. While digging thru one I my books I saw a note about Boyd Tsosie using a flower with leaves stamp in his designs. I think I was in one of Hougart’s books. Anyhow, is anyone familiar with his work or can you read the hallmark enough to know? I know Saef has a collection of inlay but haven’t seen her on here lately.

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Hello Islandmomma,

I believe this is a century plant or blue agave plant (different but same family) used for making tequila which grows wild in the area I’m from - Arizona & also in Mexico, NM & TX. The fighting cock was a popular old time theme in these areas but not so much anymore so you don’t see much of it these days. I don’t know what it’s worth. I like it because it reminds me of the southwest although - not into fighting. Sara

The last name is Tso, a common Navajo surname. I am not sure who the artist is. Also, don’t see that figure much. You are right about the beautiful stone. This is Navajo and the plant is the yucca. Beautiful piece.


Thanks Jason for the information. If you have a chance, would you please let me know what you think about my “wolf” fang? Thanks

I saw that and just don’t know. If you could identify the silver work that might give you some clues. Like a Nepal tiger tooth. Seems like I remember Christibo identifying some type of tusk, maybe he has an idea of what this is. We see mostly badger claws, bear claws and elk teeth here.

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Thanks. I replaced my silver testing stuff so I’ll try and check it for silver content. That might help too. I haven’t spent much time looking in the mouths of wild animals except game we brought home to eat.