Vintage Navajo Cuff - Dan Simplicio?

I purchased this at an estate auction - have had several attribute it to Dan Simplicio - as well as Auction house, any opinions? It’s HUGE, lots of silver.

To have a Dan Simplicio piece is special. He is very collectible and one of the whos who in Zuni art. He made lots of pieces for Zuni Trader C.G. Wallace and his work gets high dollar. The best thing to do is compare the bracelet to others that you feel are well documented Dan Simplicio pieces.

If you look at the other pieces you will notice that none of the leafs have a twist wire down the center. Doesn’t mean that he never did that, just don’t see it on these pieces. Also, if you look at the drops, they are different, very clean on the other pieces. The last think I would look at is the stamp work below the stone on the bracelet and the bottom right piece in the picture set. Notice how much deeper the stamp work is on the fans on the bottom right piece, just a very different look.

Determining who made a piece of jewelry is very difficult and you just have to do lots of investigation work, which can be a lot of fun.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/ee0632d40b81813f1ae7a47634380567eb29b8f6.jpg">