Want to know who made this set

I would like to know the maker of this set. Signed BJP. All I know is that it was bought in 1964 for my grandmothers 25th wedding anniversary. Bought in either Santa Fe NM or Albuquerque NM

Hello. A quick glance in a couple of hallmark books doesn’t reveal anything. Can you please include a picture of the work, and you mention it is a set. A picture of the whole set would be great. Thanks

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Beautiful set. I couldn’t find anything with an exact match in the hallmark books. I did find a Betty and Jack Platero who made piece. Ramone Platero made amazing pieces with leaf work, maybe a relative. The turquoise appears to be pieces of Kingman. The work is Navajo.

Thank you. Been wondering about it. Glad to find out something. This is a great website. Appreciate your help.